Poson Pohya Day


2014年6月15日 正山寺(東京・八王子)でポソン・ポホヤ・デイの行事が行なわれました。ヤーラガムウェ・ダンミッサラ長老、アルボムッレ・スマナサーラ長老、マハメウナーウェ・マンガラ長老、ウェータラ・マヒンダ長老はじめ10名の大サンガのご指導により、早朝から8斎戒の受戒、御布施、冥想、ご法話、質疑など続き、夕方からはポソン・バティ(ポソンに歌う仏讃歌)を檀家のみなさんが歌い、最後に菩提樹への礼拝と、午前午後合わせて300名ほどの方が、大変有意義な1日を過ごしました。(写真・スメーダ長老)

Poson Pohya Day cerebration was held on 15th June 2014 at Shozanji. The program started at early in the morning directed and instructed by ven. Yalagamuwe Dhammissara Anunayaka Thero, ven. Alubomulle Sumanasara Nayaka Thero, ven. Mahamewnawe Mangara Thero, ven. Wetara Mahinda Thero, and other Theras. A total of around 300 people had participated and did Sila (observing 8 precepts), Dana (Charity to the community of monks), and Bhavana (training the mind by practicing meditation, listening the discourses, discussing dhamma), singing Poson songs and offering to bodhi tree at the end.


2014年7月13日(日) 午後3時より


(※インドの雨期 である ‘vassa’の約3か月間、僧侶が旅をせずに 一カ所に留まって修行をするという、仏陀の時代から続く上座仏教の伝統的な習慣)

Vassa Aradhana

We will hold the ceremony to offer the requisite to the Sangha to observe the vassa period at Shouzanji, on 13th July, at 3:00 pm. We look forward to seeing you to join this happy occasion.



Gratitude to Bhante Mahinda

Venerable Wetara Mahinda Thero went back to US on 30th June, after his 3 months' stay in japan. We all are grateful for Bhante who had spent a lot of precious time with us and taught us the teachings of Buddha insightfully.

 Booklet “Liberation from hurt and anger” Wetara Mahinda   (PDF)