The permissible food & drinks for the Bhikkus (Gilanpasa) Puja

මනා ලෙස සූදානම් කර සිදු කළ උතුම් ගිලන් පස පූජාව. ඔබත් සාධු කියා අනුමෝදන් වෙන්න..
සාධු සාධු සාධු !!! 
තුනුරුවන් සරණයි සියලුම දෙනාටම 

According to our Great Buddha’s disciplinary rules for the Buddhist monks and nuns, they can only have proper meals from sunrise to noon. It usually is limited to breakfast and lunch (eaten before noon).

From noon to the following morning, they can have only permissible food & drink called ‘Gilanpasa‘

The ‘eight types of drink’ (‘Ashta pana‘) are the main permissible drinks. Apart from those ‘eight types of drink’, juices from small fruits such as lime, orange & tamarind are also permissible. They have to be made using water and sugar/ jaggery (solidified treacle or honey). They cannot be cooked and given the syrup since cooking makes them impermissible (text extracted from The Buddhism.Net)