From Uva Badulla


At the beginning of the last year, Floods and Landslides destroyed buldings and farms of  Viharagoda Dimbulana Purana Temple in Badulla, Uva prov. Due to many generous suports to  relief efforts, every 200 students of this temple's school (Sri Dhammananda Viddiyatana Pirivena) have been able to continue studying. 5 students are going to enter university in Colonbo this year. 20 teachers manage all school programs now, and planning the projects of roofing the scool building and making the library. On behalf of Sri Dhammananda Viddiyatana Pirivena, I would like to say thank you for your generous supports.
Triple gems bless you all.
                                           ven. Yalagamuwe Dhammissara